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Academic Coordinators

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Mrs. Amrita

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Education and knowledge play an important part in everything we do. It can help you make better decisions, be better at sports, take better care of your health and much more. At JPS, we aim to give the students quality education and extensive knowledge to prepare them for life.

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Mrs. Renuka Maney

Learning is an experience, everything else is just information

Education is a life-long learning process. Learning happens all the time; not only in a pre-designated place called the school. It happens in the home, between home and school too. Our emphasis is to create a society of progressive, thinking individuals who will contribute to the intellectual development of the global Community.

As coordinators at Jain Public School our aim is to ensure that each child can achieve and progress to their full potential, in their academic, creativity, personal, physical, moral and spiritual development. We value igniting the spark of creativity and curiosity in our students.

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Mrs. Sandhya N

Choices of Victory – Where the vision is one year, cultivate flowers. Where the vision is ten years , cultivate trees. Where the vision is eternity , cultivate people.

I am happy to share this thought as a prelude to introducing you to this school, the vision of which is to turn out the young novices into value oriented and energetic citizens of tomorrow.

Every student who enters the environment of JPS is bound to experience the robust synergy of academic brilliance, value engineering through Value Added Programme , a well read and caring Faculty, warm and supportive social life, harmony, exciting extracurricular rendezvous and a student centric Management and all this against the backdrop of a youthful climate For ‘Success is a matter of choice and not chance’!!!